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What if you could re-imagine your business?

What if you could re-imagine your life?

Gabor George Burt is an internationally recognized expert on strategy, innovation, creativity and business development. A leading proponent of Value Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategy for over a decade, Gabor has also gained recognition as a thought-leader on the creative perspective of Defying Conventional Wisdom. Taken together, his spheres of expertise are highly relevant in helping organizations to re-think their business and to carve out successful growth strategies.

An engaging presenter, Gabor aims to provoke his audiences to overstep perceived limitations and mental boundaries that limit the growth of their business. Gabor is the chief architect and original host of the Immersive Executive Experience series, an exclusive experiential learning forum for business and cultural leaders. He is actively involved in shaping strategy with a diverse group of international clients spanning from top multinationals to successful start-ups, as well as through his own initiatives.

Gabor has been featured in the book Radical Action for Radical Times and his website was selected as one of the top online resources on innovation. His highly praised book SLINGSHOT: Re-Imagine Your Business, Re-Imagine Your Life presents an entertaining and practical framework on re-engaging our childhood creativity for success in business and adulthood, while simultaneously establishing the foundation for a first of its kind, cross-disciplinary discussion platform. In addition to a BA degree in psychology from Amherst College, Gabor holds an MBA degree from INSEAD in France.

A sample of Gabor’s activities, including recent events and interviews, can be viewed in the Events & Media section of this website. To get more information about seminars and workshops, or to request Gabor for your upcoming event, get in touch using the 'Email Me' link above.